A preacher and a biker from Houston, TX. Rode on in, had an intense scene and left with a smile on his face.

SIR Bond...yep a real, live Knight of the Realm (Britain, that is.) Came to me for a real change. He had to call me Sir instead of everyone else calling him Sir. REALLY into prolonged, helpless, bondage. Spent three days (and knights) in his rubber suit and one of my straight release. Never complained once. Needs a good top in London.

A bootlicking skinhead from from NYC who travels the world (left for London after he saw me.) REALLY into bootworship and Bondage. A good man who needs some regular bondage.

Two boys, each of whom is really into Prolonged rope bondage. They are not together...I just kept that way for a few days.

Another biker boy really into PAIN. I was happy to oblige. About 50/50, top bottom. From the midwest.

Another boy from Texas...How those boys love PAIN! Took more than almost anyone else!

Another biker type who loves to get cuffed, legironed and put in close confinement for prolonged periods. REALLY INTO IT! Probably a good top too. Boston Area.

A big, strapping, well endowed boy from Cologne. LOVES BONDAGE. Look him up if you're in Germany.

A boy from the Bay area who would love to spend his whole life bound up.

A boy from Pittsburgh who came to test himself.
He found out he's a real bondophile!

A boy from Wichita Falls Tx with a great body. A real pisser.

A boy from SF who had his very own leatherSJ made for his scene and then gave it too me as a gift of gratitude afterwards. A man with a very good heart.

A boy from LA who loves Bondage and anything that goes with it. Moderately experienced, but willing to learn a lot more.

A shy young boy from The City who loves to get tied up and played with. Very inexperienced, but willing.

A Hefty boy, 28 y.o. from the burbs of SF who really likes rubber, sjs and stim. Inexperienced, but VERY willing.

A boy from Madrid whose rapt attention it was not difficult to keep.

(Nope. Not the same as 066, even though the outfit looks about the same and the desires. Note that 066 is wearing rubber underneath sj. 068 hates rubber.)
A married fellow from the East Coast whose wife was not happy he came to see me. He came and ran. Sometimes, deception is the better part of valor.

Tickle Torture Man...loves to get it and give it...Bay Area.

Another Big Biker boy who arrived in full rubber, under leather and loves to be tied up for long periods in SJ and rope. Can top too. San Francisco.

A bootboy from Seattle with a lot of endurance. He's a very good boy.

A Rodeo ruff ridin', ropin' Cowboy from Wyoming.
Yehaw! Gotcha boy!

An Alabama longdong boy. They grow 'em big down that way. Into heavy C&BT.

A virgin boy from Switzerland! Never with a man before. SwissBliss!

A Boy from LALA who has a lot of Potential and is seeking a Master.

A Boy from Chicago who knows himself well and loves rope bondage! Lots of talent.

A Leather Boy from Houston who wants a really heavy "crotch"  trip. Any Texans out there big enough to handle this boy?

Henry, a very good boy from the East Coast. Needs a good Master

Jim, a skin from Leeds England. Needs some good training by someone to really show him the ropes.

Joey, a boy from San Diego who really loves punishment. Any masters down there?

Bjoern, the Oslo boy who just keeps cuming back for more.

RJ, a well equipped boy from LA who brought his very own sleepsack. Really into it.

A "BadBoy" who likes to do things so he gets punished. Put a  "1" on his profile form for "Forced to piss yourself in rubber" ("10" means you love it, "0" means absolutely forbidden.) So made  him drink a whole 64oz. bottle of Gatorade, put him in rubber and sj and let him piss away. After about 12 hours, he was very compliant. San Diego, CA. Note bulge at crotch level.

Dong Daddy, another boy from GB, London this time. Loves the prolonged stuff
He got it.

Jerry, a sensuous top from the Central CA. valley came for a brief stay. Good at making you feel good, I'm sure.

Robert, a boy from Anaheim and a man who really wants to please. He needs a very good Master because he can make a very good slave.

Yves, a boy from Montreal. A beautiful man physically and spiritually who deserves a very good playmate. He's 50/50, so expect to get what you give with Yves. Who could ask for more?

Adam, a NYC boy...married (to a woman),
international banker, upper EastSide, house in the Hamptons (got the picture yet?) usually tied up by women. Flew out for a 1 day scene
because he heard my scenes were more
intense than most womens'.
Left saying it was what he had dreamed of.

This boy, from the Bay Area, gets the award for tallest Boy.
With his Wescos on, (about a 2" heel)
he was over 7 feet! Big other places too!

Beemer, an aggressive top from LA, who rode up in his Jeep
(the old kind meant for the rugged outdoors)
bringing his bondage suit from Fetters and
4 bags of goodies. Rode his BMW bike to Panama last year.

James Bond, not of movie fame, but of Bondage and
Rubber fame who spends most of his time tying up boys
from NYC, came for a bit of what he gives---got it.

 A boy from Brazil, just lounging around during his 2 week scene!

 A young guy from Mississippi who came for a three day scene
and really want to get "pushed." He did.
He's looking for locals to help him out.

 A New Zealand Rubber Mummy's boy. Looking for
others into it in Wellington.

 A Belgium boy who likes to be CHASTISED.
Can be aggressive too.

A buffed boy from the South looking for a Master. Very capable.

A genuinely beautiful man, both in body and soul who
does like to get tied up, sometimes. San Francisco.

A young diver boy from San Diego who loves to get
tied up for long periods.

A young hunk with a jeep and a mountain home in
N. CA. who LOVES to be bound up, and can't get enough of it.

A  boy from NJ/NYC into leather and rubber
and very restrictive bondage...huge dick
included in package!