This extremely worldly man wished to write something of his adventures here. He had lived many places all over the world, representing major companies, and headed a major US corporation for 25 years in Brazil. When he first came to me, he said, "I've done it all. Show me something I haven't done." We did.

MEMORIES Prologue                                        

This story really begins before 2009 when I lost my partner after more than a half 
century and after the illness destroyed both body and mind. Previously, I coped the illnesses for 10 years. When I lost my partner, best friend and pal,  I was lost and lonely. I accidentally found the Internet site of and  "Master Jack” and a film he called ‘Get Arrested’. Having had two unpleasant experiences with the police (nothing serious, but related to my depression caused by my partner's death) I decided to investigate. The clicking sound of handcuffs ratcheting closed and locking was exciting especially when I knew it was all ‘show’. 

I had experienced the real thing. Twice! One thing led to another. I applied for a scene, was accepted and eventually that led  to my visit to Tucson, Arizona, and meeting both “Master Jack” and Guard T, ‘star’ of the film “Get Arrested” I had watched it over and over and over on my computer. I felt I had everything to gain and nothing to lose by contacting “Master Jack” and visiting Tucson.

I made my own copy and still keep it in my “Favorites” file. In my business career as a major executive of two large U.S. corporations, I had traveled and lived in many exotic places from Helsinki to Copenhagen, to London to Paris to South Africa and South America, to Israel to Jordan. I swam with Piranha in the Amazon River, canoed to the brink of Iguassu  Falls and hunted with Indians in Brazil. I explored the ruins of Machu Pichu in Peru, entered the Soviet Union (undocumented) at the height of the Cold War ---to name but a very few things I did (with my partner) in search of adventure.

I was  very bored and restless when my major decision every day, at the clubhouse, was to choose between poached salmon, Filet Mignon or lamb chops for dinner.  I contacted “Master Jack” and this what ensued.  


I booked my flight to Arizona and advised “Master Jack’ of my travel plans. “Master 
Jack” promised to meet the plane and told me to telephone him by cell phone once I had 
arrived, collected my luggage, and wait for him in front of the terminal. When he drove 
up he would pop the trunk of the car so that I could put my luggage in. He instructed me 
to enter the car in the rear seat.

The car arrived with driver and a passenger. Jack identified himself but not the second 

man. Although I did not realize it at the time, my ‘adventure’ had begun! The car left the airport and shortly entered a small dark, deserted, street/driveway and stopped. The passenger got out of the car, came around the car, opened the door where I was sitting, and  expertly handcuffed my hands behind my back, applied leg irons, made 
me lean over and fastened me in place with the seat belt. He returned to his original 
position, entered the car, The car immediately drove away. A strange man was driving 
who I now know was “ Master Jack”. He entered traffic and continued at normal speeds. I 
was completely surprised, Completely immobilized. My mind was racing at this 
unexpected sequence of events. I had never seen either of my captors before. I did not 
know where I was nor where I was going. I slid around and, strained, to look out the 
corner of the car window and see something. Anything. Anything  that could, eventually 
be used to track where I had been, should I still be alive and there was an interview with 
someone. In preparation for the trip I had $2,000 in cash and $25,000 in credit cards and 
some $5.00 bills for tips in my pocket – enough for some people to do crazy things. The 
only thing I saw that was recognizable was a sign that read ‘Canada’.  I saw nothing 
else. It was a dark night. Both my captors were silent. We drove for about 20 minutes. I 
counted (60 seconds to a minute as I had learned to due during World War II) and could 
only tell that we had left the city and were somewhere in  the countryside. The car made 
several turns which I assumed indicated that we had entered a subdivision. I memorized 
the sequence of the turns, right and left. The car stopped  a moment, went down a short 
incline which  I decided was a short driveway. I heard the sound of an overhead door 
opening. The car entered the structure and the door was closed. The same man who had 
immobilized me with handcuffs and leg irons got out of the car, came around the car to 
where I was half sitting and half laying, still secured by the seat belt. He, removed the leg 
irons, opened the door to what appeared to be a very large garage closet. He helped ms 
descend from the car and ushered me inside what I had judged to be a closet. It was a 
a prison cell furnished only by a prison type metal bunk bed The bed had thin 
plastic covered mats, two plastic covered pillows and two heavy wool blankets.  He 
instructed me to “strip” and wait. He removed the handcuffs and leg irons, opened the 
cell door, and left after closing and locking it. The man returned. Unlocked then opened 
the cell door and entered. He strip searched me,  He handed me an orange prison 
jumpsuit, prison type orange ‘slippers’ and said, “Put these on” He waited while I 
dressed  He. installed the handcuffs, leg irons again and a length of chain to restrict my 
movements away from the bed and left. He took all my possessions and closed and 
locked the cell door.  He made no comment. I was alone not knowing what to expect. 
‘Master Jack” never appeared.

Overhead lights were never extinguished. It was impossible to tell time nor whether it 
was day or night. All I knew was that I was a prisoner of two men I had never seen 
before, in a prison cell, somewhere in Arizona or even Mexico and that I had arrived on a 
Friday night at somewhere about midnight. My clothes, identification, money,  wrist 
watch etc. had all been taken from me by my ‘jailer’.

With the lights on at all times, time had no meaning. My ‘jailer’ returned carrying a bucket and what turned out to be a hood to become a part of my prison costume with 
handcuffs and leg irons.. He told me that the bucket would serve as a toilet. He placed the bucket on the floor and proceeded to instruct me on ‘comportment’. He emphasized that I should not make any sound nor speak unless asked a question and that any and all instructions were to be obeyed immediately and without question. My replies should be simply “Yes” or “No” but always with “Sir” added. If I needed to speak I should address him as Guard T. I should ask permission to speak and I might be granted permission or not.   He placed a bottle of ice water on the floor and told me to drink it all citing a very low humidity level (not mentioning Arizona nor Mexico) but citing the higher humidity levels I was accustomed to. He was very careful to point out that the cell and my activities were being monitored ‘at all times’ and placed a small buzzer within easy reach should I need to contact someone at any time due to a physical problem. Guard T produced an orange hood, gave it to me with the instructions that the hood  was to be worn at all times when I was to leave the cell unless I was otherwise instructed..  Guard T emphasized that any misuse or departure from these instructions would result in an unpleasant ‘disciplinary’ action. The buzzer was only to be used if I needed help with a physical or health related problem. He exited, locked the cell door, I explored  my surroundings. I sat on the bed and waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing. No sound, no movement, Nothing.

The cell door was kept closed and locked at all times and opened only by Guard T when 
some event was to take place or Guard T wanted to check the handcuffs or leg irons to 
make sure they were in place but not too tight. Great care was taken to accommodate 
sensitive wrists. When the cell was opened I automatically donned the orange hood and 
waited for Guard T to remove hand cuffs and leg irons and take me somewhere. Generally  I did not know where I was being taken, nor for what purpose until it 
happened. Sometimes Guard T removed the chain that kept me fastened to the bed and 
simply said “Stand up’. On  these occasions he checked the hand cuffs and leg irons, told 
me to lie down and reattached the chain keeping me close to the bed. I lay down, tired from my long journey to Arizona. I slept. How long? I don’t know as I had no way of telling with the overhead light burning. No windows. No time piece, clock nor wrist watch. After what was probably a hour or two Guard T appeared with my tooth brush, tooth paste and nighttime medications! This is noted because it is a perfect ‘lead in’ to the bizarre events that characterized a typical day for me. My ‘scene’             ( 

(“Master Jack” elects to call the ‘visits’ made by men who come to him for times ranging 
from a day to weeks, ‘Scenes’. These men have come to “Master Jack” from all over the world (North and South America, Europe, Asia, etc., etc., etc.)  for many reasons and from many walks of life from corporate executives to both Protestant and Roman Catholic clerics, skilled surgeons, educators etc. but all feeling the deep need to ‘get away’ from their lives for a short time to  think and sometimes, just  ‘sort things out’. 
Many seek the help of psychologists, analysts, clerics or other ‘professionals’ dealing 
with human nature.  Some, unfortunately do not seek help and tragedy often follows.

Each ‘Scene’ represents many hours of attention to design the ‘Scene’ to meet the needs 

of the ‘guest’ and may provide the ‘guest’ with a solution to the emotional problems “Master Jack’ discovers from both a written ‘profile” completed by the ‘guest’ long before coming to Tucson as well as the telephone interview in advance of arrival in Tucson.

“Master Jack” has no formal training in medicine nor related fields, that I know of. But he does seem to read a great deal of material. And he has a lifetime of human experience and a native talent to understand people, their needs and  how to find ways to ‘feed’ them what they need in-spite of the fact they may not even know it. He knows instinctively exactly how far he can ‘push’ each man who comes to him, finding ways for the man to help himself – always the best way for a long term solution. Many of his ‘guests’ come again and again and again. Some once every year, Some every 5 years. Each receives the kind of individual attention he needs. “Master Jack’s” techniques could be considered by some as controversial. All are based on ‘common sense’. Absolutely no drugs nor chemical substances are involved. Ever. And I myself have returned for over 10 visits.

From the moment I  came to “Master Jack” for a ‘scene’ he and I had agreed upon 
months earlier, until I was carried back to the airport, caught my flight home, I was never 
abused nor mistreated but always kept off guard and ready to  accept everything and 
anything that “Master Jack” and Guard T, came up with from a gourmet dinner to a pool 
party complete with outside B-B-Que,, fun with Rex and spa (some men never leave the prison cell or the dungeon. Every scene is different. Master Jack judged I needed “breaks.” He was right.

Every ‘event’ started with Guard T arriving at the cell unexpectedly, announcing the 
event, opening the cell door, and conducting me to the event where “Master Jack’ would 
be waiting and the event  (if pleasant like dinner, or a pool party or a trip by car to see the 
special sights of the area like Mt. Lemmon and Sabino Canyon, was called a ‘furlough’) 
would take place. There was only one event that  was called by both “Master Jack” and 
Guard T as discipline when I consciously disobeyed the instruction for conduct as 
carefully explained by Guard T.  The loosely fitting orange hood was never removed when 
I was out of the cell until  I arrived wherever Guard T was conducing me..


I was laying chained to the bed – not comfortable in both handcuffs and leg irons 
carefully and expertly applied by Guard T some hours (?) earlier but strangely not as 
uncomfortable as these restrictions might suggest. Guard T arrived, entered the cell and 
simply said “Master Jack has invited you to have dinner with him”. He unlocked and 
opened the cell door, entered, and removed  the chain that attached me to the bed, Guard 
T said “Getup”. With hand cuffs and leg irons and hood in place, Guard T conducted me 
out of the cell and we walked for some distance. At some point we stopped. Guard T, 
removed the hood, handcuffs and leg irons. I found himself in a formal dining room. 

Guard T indicated a chair and I sat. As I discovered when “Master Jack” arrived, and sat 
a few moments later and sat at the head of the table, I was seated on “Master Jack’s right 
– the seat generally reserved for the most honored guest. I ate a sumptuous gourmet 
dinner of a center cut filet mignon (prepared extra, extra, extra rare exactly as I  
preferred), a salad, several vegetables and desert. After some stimulating conversation 
(the first I had had in months/years) as casually as one would suggest that “it looks like 
rain so don’t forget your umbrella’, “Master Jack” looked at Guard T and said “Well, it 
seems about time for John to go back to his cell”.

Guard T, rose from his chair, came to me, still seated, and indicated that I was to rise. I 
got up as ordered and Guard T expertly applied  handcuffs, leg irons and hood. He 
ushered me from the dining room and back to the cell without a word being spoken. 

Where we arrived at the cell he unlocked and opened the cell door, indicated the I was to 
lie down on the bed, chained me to the bed, and exited the cell after locking the cell 
door. From the moment “Master Jack” indicated that it was time for me to return to the 
cell until I was alone in the cell, not a word was spoken.

One of Guard T’s instructions when he was giving me the rules of comportment was 
NEVER to speak unless answering a question A simple yes, sir or no, sir is enough.. The 
promise of ‘disciplinary action’ was enough to guarantee my silence. Guard T left and I 
was alone. Time (hours?) passed. Nothing. Total silence.

Long time character habits are very difficult to break and one of mine was always 
insisting on doing things my way. Now I had to do as told and I did not like it at all. I 
looked and looked and looked and thought and thought and thought about a million and 
one things and finally, grudgingly came to the conclusion that living a ‘scene’ with 
“Master Jack” and Guard T was not really bad after all.   

Without warning Guard T appeared and before opening the cell door asked “Will you go 
swimming with us? I replied “Yes sir. I would like that. Guard T responded “I did not ask 
you if you liked it or not. A simple yes or no is all that was called for. You evidently did 
not understand or chose to ignore the instructions I gave you.” Guard T produced swim  
trunks and said simply, “Here, put these on.”. He removed the handcuffs, and leg irons 
and waited while I had the swim trunks on and said, “OK let’s go.”. He opened the cell door and waited a moment, then applied the handcuffs, leg irons and hood as was always the case when I was to leave the cell. He unlocked and opened the cell door and when conducting me out of the cell, Guard T asked me “ Did you not understand the instructions I gave you?”. I replied, “Yes sir, I understood them.” To which Guard T observed,” Then it is obvious you elected to ignore them. Master Jack is waiting so we’ll see what should be done about this a little later.” We  proceeded until we came to the pool and stopped. Guard T removed the hood, handcuffs and leg irons. 

Master Jack was in the pool and  Rex was on the pool desk obviously enjoying playing ball with ‘Master Jack” and then Guard T. and I entered into the pool and also 
enjoyed the horseplay. The moment was truly magical with Arizona mountains in the 
background and the beginning of a spectacular sunset.

When it started to cool off, as it does in the desert when the sun goes down,” Master Jack” 
simply said, “It seems like time for him to go back to his cell” Guard T reached down and 
gave  ma hand out of the pool, gave me a towel , a moment to dry myself and take off 
the wet swim suit.. Without any comment, Guard T installed the leg irons, handcuffs and 
hood and conducted me, now nude except for the handcuffs, leg irons and hood back to 
the cell.. The cell door had remained open when we went to the pool. I entered. Guard T  
told me to lie down on the bed while he attached the chain keeping me near the bed. 

Guard T observed. “ I must speak with “Master Jack” about what we should do about 
your ignoring my instructions. He opened the cell door, and without further word closed 
it, locked it and left. I lay nude, except for handcuffs, and leg irons, and attached by 
chain to the bed.

Shortly (30 to 45 minutes or so later) Guard T returned, entered the cell, and said “You 
decided to ignore my instructions knowing that disciplinary action would follow.  I have 
discussed this with. ‘Master Jack” in detail and were are in complete agreement that 
establishing rules of conduct is probably one of the most important parts of any ‘scene. 
Breaking these rules means that everything the scene hopes to accomplish falls apart. 
Guard T conducted me Nude except for the orange hood into the open space now empty 
except for a steel cage about 3’ x 5’ sitting in the middle of the garage on a tarpaulin. 
Guard T said, “ I suggested a good flogging and several strokes with a whip.” “Master 
Jack” wisely observed that it would be better to give you time to contemplate your action 
and understand the need of any operation to establish rules of conduct. Make them 
understood, and enforce them. So we decided to put you in our disciplinary cage and let 
you spend some time thinking about the consequences of ignoring the rules of the society 
you are in. I’m glad you did not bring your orange jump suit. It will not be needed. You 
will not need the orange hood. I have a better one that will go with your new outfit.

“Master Jack” addressed Guard T saying, Guard T, take the orange hood off and put this 
one on. Remove the handcuffs but leave the leg irons on and help him into his new outfit. 
“Master Jack” produced a black leather hood and straitjacket.

With the help of Guard T, I was placed in both the leather hood and straitjacket. When 
completely encased “Master Jack” said. “Guard T, please check both the leather hood and 
straitjacket to make sure everything is well fastened and then help him get into the 
cage and secure the cage. He will spend some time in there and we have to make sure 
everything is tight. In the meantime let's watch the news on TV. We can enjoy it and then 
check on him before we go to bed. I think he will have the night to really contemplate the 
results of ignoring the rules of the society in which he lives.”

“Master Jack” continued speaking to me, “ You have been under surveillance every 
moment since your ‘Scene’ began.” Guard T helped me get into the cage, secured the 
cage door and left without comment.  Guard T had departed and I was alone, 
immobilized in both hood and straight jacket with, only my thoughts, exactly as             

“Master Jack” had planned. After some time (hours?) impossible to tell, I 
came to the conclusion that my present predicament was really of my own doing. It started when I sacrificed a lifetime of experience in search of an adventure. I found the adventure and didn’t really like what I had found. I recognized that I had made a bad deal exchanging everything I had including memories of a good life with my partner, 
 for a few moments of ‘adventure’. 

I slept.


Some time later Guard T arrived at the cage and said ‘It’s time to get ready to go home. 
Guard T opened the cage. I rolled out. Guard T removed the leg irons, straight jacket, 
leather hood and conducted me back to he cell. Guard T removed the leg irons and told 
me only ‘Follow me. He led me to a well furnished bed room with adjoining 
bathroom and told me to go to bad, sleep, take a shower if I wished and get ready to go 

I slept, wakened, and had hot shower. My clothing and personal effects were carefully 
set out for me, money and valuables 100% intact. Guard T arrived and said, “It’s time to 
go to the airport”. A Town Car and driver were waiting for me at the door. The  car took 
me to the Tucson International Airport where I had arrived a several days earlier looking 
for adventure.  I pondered the several days of adventure. I have not related all of it, particularly my time in the dungeon, for not everything needs to be revealed. Let me say that much of what I found stimulating was in the dungeon with Master Jack who has an incredible amount of equipment and knows how to use it. But he asked that I leave that to the future prisoners to discover for themselves.

I cleared security, boarded the plane and was on my way. I arrived home on time but until 
this moment, I never forgot my ‘adventure’ and what I had learned. I recognized that 
from the moment I had been ‘taken prisoner’ in the back seat of the car, my captors had 
always my  welfare foremost in mind even when I was being ‘disciplined’ in the cage, 
showing me what I needed to know about myself and about life was the lesson to be 
learned from every moment of my ‘Scene’. Everything tied in to both the profile form I 
had completed and sent to “Master Jack” months before I had ever embarked for 
Tucson and the telephone interview I had had with “Master Jack” a few days before my 
‘Scene’ started.

“Master Jack” had asked me to let him know when I got home safely. I did and resumed 
my everyday life.  I never forgot what I had learned and the friends I had made, possibly 
the truest friends I have made since I lost my partner. Without question, friends, and 
professionals. Above all friends interested in me, my well being, and understanding my 
confusion and grief at the loss of a foundation block I found  hard to live without.

No understanding of a visit to “Master Jack’ would be complete without a reference to REX, their very special German Shepherd dog who is very much a part of “Master Jack’s” household. Rex lives a life that many, many people would envy. Having had several German Shepherds, I can tell you, this is one special dog. He's brighter than a lot of people I've met.

As for "Furloughs, I've had many... to the top of Mt. Lemmon- the the Desert Museum- to the Symphony, several times- the the homes of famous people in the area (no not in "Orange".) When I'm out I'm allowed to wear civilian clothes. To a restaurant high above Tucson for which you have to pass through a tunnel-to the Saguaro National Park- to Sabino Canyon- to the birthplace of the Chimichanga. Believe me after my many visits, I know and have come to love the Tucson area. I've contemplated buying a house here.


This was a short retrospective of my first visit to Master Jack and Guard T. Many followed. This was written in Dec. of 2012 and I hope to continue coming back over and over. I learn something more each time and stay for prolonged visits, socializing with many of their friends during my “furloughs.” I believe in what they are doing. It is a very unique service. I shall be back next March for another "scene."

In Memoriam

John died of a heart attack while visiting his daughter at their Estancia outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil, about one month after he wrote the above piece. Although he lived in Florida, he still traveled a great deal, visiting friends and family from all over the world. He is missed greatly. His warmth, wit and perception was enjoyed constantly. We talked almost everyday on the phone when he wasn't here, for he still suffered bouts of extreme depression caused by the loss of his partner. Every time I picked him up at the airport, he would say, “I'm home.”